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  • Star Trek Beyond

    Star Trek Beyond


    A welcome third helping of what we have come to expect from this nicely rebooted series; expansive set pieces, slick production values and a charming as hell, well humoured cast.

    That being said, while the story is thankfully simple, I found the direction a little too big for its britches with much of the action geographically confusing and camerawork discombobulating. It all went on a bit long too.

    Still, this is pretty good stuff. Also there’s a lot of nice jackets on display, even if they looked a tight size too small.

  • Baywatch



    Baywatch begins with the right vibe but then that dick slat skit ruins things, so do the majority of the jokes and one-liners that follow. So many misses, so few hits. Other shockers include the baddie girl, her henchmen, the cop, politician, cameos, music, story, set pieces, ending and outtakes. The quality control is abysmal, as is the runtime. Too much postering not enough posterior.

    Do yourself a favour and watch CHiPS. Now that’s funny.

    Still, The Rock inexplicably comes out a winner. When the Mongolian General next asks what’s best in life, Conan may simply answer “being Dwayne Johnson”.

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  • Casino Royale

    Casino Royale


    Harder, colder and blonder Martins Campbell's Bond reboot takes the franchise along a far more modern, believable and interesting path than the Brosnan years. While I seem to remember thinking the same thing about Goldeneye, Famke Janssen's thighs may have clouded my youthful judgment.

    There is however, no doubt that Casino Royal is a beast of an action movie. Fast paced and totally gripping with a revelatory performance from the usually dull Daniel Craig who gives England a 007 it…

  • Skyfall



    A third time watch confirms my suspicions that Skyfall is one of my favourite action films of recent years. The combination of talent and the level of expertise they bring to an established juggernaut like the Bond franchise is so impressive. I'm not a 007 aficionado so can't say where it ranks, or even if it beats Casino Royal, which I will be revisiting soon. What I can say is that Skyfall is beautiful. For Deakin's to lose out on…