Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★★

Ooooooooh, Ghost in the Shell hits my sweet spots; a high budget future vision chocked full of conspiracy, a mistrust of technology, cyber shenanigans, killer robots and cool cars complete with interesting visuals and a synth score staring, the baddest girl in the game, Johansson killing it with effortless grace. I also got treated to a Vege Laska and topped it off with a purchase of the Rogue One Blu. All killer, No filler!

Plus, that Lotus Esprit was a thing of beauty, the scene with the mother had me teary and seeing Beat Takeshi on the big screen felt like a privilege. While it wasn't featured in the film, I would say Ki Theory's cover of Enjoy The Silence is also one of my favourite tracks in recent memory.

Now just give me decent live adaptations of Akira, Ninja Scroll and Fist of the North Star and I can die a happy man. Moon on a stick thinking... maybe not, some kind soul has made a pilot for Altered Carbon and King Conan is still a possibility. We live in exciting times, anything is possible.

Happy Easter y'all.

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