Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★½

I’m very drawn to aspects of this movie. There is something about its somber tone, the way Major moves, the nice jackets, car and gun design, Batou’s look, the rhythmic score, Mother’s recognition, cool body mech, Beat’s wonky face... the list goes on.

However, Ghost in the Shell is less than the sum of its many cool parts. While the sets are well dressed, the action is underwhelming and most scenes feel like they were shot in a rush. Not one set piece really kicks off (save the geisha opening) the corporate baddie and supporting police team are cookie cutter abysmal. While initially interesting, the story really doesn’t go anywhere and it all whimpers out a bit by the credits.

I’m still a fan and I would love a sequel (Johansson and Asbaek are a great together) but it’s one of those strange films where the prospect of watching is better than the actual viewing experience.

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