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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Letterboxd Season Challenge: Week 8 — Horrors Crossing Borders

    Very much intent on the suspense aspect rather than deeper points of discussion, I would argue that this is Carpenter's weaker, but still admirable attempt at a formula popularized by Ridley Scott's Alien. The Thing hits many of the same beats as Alien, including some of its finest qualities, like the incredible atmosphere and a couple of hard tension hitters. Where it loses me a bit however is in its more…

  • A Face in the Crowd

    A Face in the Crowd


    Letterboxd Season Challenge: Week 7 — Director Recommendations: Spike Lee

    I learned to love A Face in the Crowd despite its acclaim, rather than alongside it. The reasons I found power in it are not the same reasons often repeated.

    What I expected was a compelling and vicious character arc for our lead, played by the intense Andy Griffith, and foreshadowing a modern era (while still signalling a few contemporary figures.)

    What I got was a strange effort for Elia…

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  • Mirror



    Tarkovsky is a bit different from other slow cinema artists that dominate other parts of the world. Like filmmakers such as Bela Tarr and Lav Diaz, Tarkovsky holds shots for long periods of time, perhaps with more camera movement than the others, yet when Tarr and Diaz move their shots, they match the mood out of necessity. Their films are slow, so their camera movements are slow as well, makes sense, and they do it spectacularly. Tarkovsky moves his camera…

  • Joker



    Relentless pawing at some vague anti-society message, with its receipts being from strawmen and caricatures created only to reinforce it. The Joker feels necessary in this world, as a sort of rebellion against upper-class callousness. It also feels like a condemnation of an uglier reactionary lower-class that doesn't concern itself with morality so much as it does an image and an idea. But ultimately, Todd Phillips and Scott Silver can do all of that, so long as it's in a…