A Story of Floating Weeds

A Story of Floating Weeds ★★★★½

Despite Ozu's best efforts previous to this, A Story of Floating Weeds feels closer to his final works than it does the films he had made even just a year prior. And I do admire films like 'I Was Born, But...' and 'Dekigokoro', for example, but A Story of Floating Weeds among other things shows Ozu already having perfected his delicate, cold, and precise storytelling style. Everything feels deliberate and perfected for the most emotional impact possible, allowing for a feeling of nostalgia. But like with nostalgia, better judgement in hindsight or further consideration won't change its final outcome. And even at his most calculated, never does Ozu's style feel limited or inhuman, but instead it gives a perfect window to dreamlike worlds with honest, harsh consequences for understandable human action.

The tragedy of reflection.

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