Fascination ★★★½

The haunting cover image of Eva holding the scythe aside, I'm not entirely sure why this is Rollin's best-known work.

It's good for sure, but whereas his other stuff has succeeded in delivering pulpy horror thrills and artsy explorations of female sexuality and bourgeois entitlement, this one leans more on the latter. The "scythe scene" and the last ten minutes deliver the horror goods you might expect, but this one's more interested in the shifting relationships between the thief and the two women he meets at the castle. There's a lot of great commentary to dig into, but it did make me yearn for the gruesome decapitations and throat-ripping found in his other stuff.

This has some of Rollin's best visual work, I might add - natural beauty, bourgeois elegance, and nightmarish horror combine for a truly striking package.

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