Ma ★★★

Thank god someone finally took advantage of the dreariest place on planet Earth (Ohio) and used it as a horror movie location.

Really wish this pushed into high camp a little more than it did, but I have to respect the sensitivity with which it tries to handle its characters. It's not exactly good, but it tries (and actually succeeds at times) to make Ma's psychosis, the mother/daughter relationship, and even the teen drama bullshit as genuine and sympathetic as possible...until Octavia Spencer fucking mows down a jogger in her party van while blasting "September" on the radio. And that's where Ma soars.

The third act is weird. The story wants to go the slasher route so goddamned bad (there's even a traumatic flashback halfway through ripped straight out of something like Slaughter High), but it decides to just gesture towards it and halfway commit. Sure, you want your psycho-thriller to show some "restraint," but fuck off for having the chance to make **Octavia Spencer** a slasher icon and not going for it.

[DCP - Cinemark Baldwin Hills]

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