Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead ★★½

Wyrmwood is a movie. I was conscious of this the entire time I was watching it. I had no emotional investment with anything I was seeing. I was just watching people do things pertaining to zombies and the apocalypse and spout "movie lines" that probably sounded cool on paper but are annoying when actually spoken and when it all ended it truly felt like I had spent an hour and a half watching nothing.

I guess what really annoyed me is the cocky tone this thing has. The goal here appears to be to jerk off the "film festival midnight showing" crowd, as the characters might as well turn to the audience every five minutes and ask "Is everyone cheering yet? Are you seeing how badass we are?" The acting, the in-your-face camerawork, the bombastic score…it all contributes to this air that makes me assume the people behind this thing thought they were being really cool when they made it. It'll work for some people, but for me, I couldn't stand it.

Not to say that there aren't some cool moments/ideas. Every scene in the mad scientist's lab was a joy to watch and the sister character gaining the ability to psychically control zombies was a really cool twist. The costumes in this movie are actually really cool (especially the terribly underused mask seen on all the posters). There are some funny moments (the final fight) and the shaky-cam style works sometimes (but to have it carry on through the whole movie really got on my nerves).

But as a whole, Wyrmwood is entirely forgettable. People are calling it a fresh take on the zombie subgenre, and while there are some new ideas, they're poorly utilized for the most part and in the end, this is no different than most other zombie flicks…it just takes a Mad Max approach to the material.

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