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  • My Weakness

    My Weakness


    This whimsical fantasy, a variation on Pygmalion (1913, George Bernard Shaw), includes scenes in rhymed speech and song, presumably to convey a mood of light-hearted effervescence. The presence of Cupid, who shoots his arrows to inspire romantic love, increases the whimsy in the, already romantically fantastic, plot.

    Cupid is played by Harry Langdon, whose screen character the audience would already know as an innocent, baby-faced goof, an insubstantial, trifling “god of love”. The handsome playboy representing the “Henry Higgins” character…

  • The Golden Fleecing

    The Golden Fleecing


    Insurance agent Henry Twinkle (Lew Ayres) sells gangster Gus Fender (Lloyd Nolan) a large insurance policy. Having sold Fender the policy, Henry is compelled to protect Fender’s life, and Fender has a lot of enemies. Henry’s attempts to help Fender get them both into a lot of trouble, especially with their respective fiancees, Mary Blake (Rita Johnson) and Lila Hanley (Virginia Grey).

    The mildly amusing plot focuses on the ongoing tribulations of Ayres’ dopey character. Unfortunately, Ayres is miscast as…

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  • The Curse of the Cat People

    The Curse of the Cat People


    This is a badly titled, but excellent, film, produced by Val Lewton, who was for a time the breadwinner for RKO Studios. Made after the unexpected smash hit, Cat People, this film is a sequel of sorts. The story focuses on Amy, the daughter of Oliver and Alice Reed, who married after the death of his first wife (the cat person of the title), Irena, and her strange friendships with one real and one imaginary (or is she a ghost?)…

  • The General

    The General


    Buster Keaton's masterpiece.