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  • The Big Night

    The Big Night


    Teenage George La Main watches helplessly while his father is caned by newsman Al Judge. George takes his father’s gun and goes out to take revenge on Judge. During his night’s adventures, George meets a variety of people, learns some lessons about human nature, and goes full circle to confront his father about the reason for Judge’s actions.

    John Drew Barrymore, not yet twenty, has a hangdog look appropriate to the role of George. Preston Foster, the father, Howard St…

  • Murder!



    Diana Baring (Norah Baring), an actress, is convicted of the murder of a fellow actress and sentenced to death. Sir John Menier (Herbert Marshall), who was on the jury and regrets his vote, investigates the crime in order to establish Diana’s innocence and identify the actual murderer.

    Alfred Hitchcock’s third talkie, a murder mystery, adheres closely to the stage play from which it was adapted. Fairly well acted by Herbert Marshall and Edward Chapman, but slow moving with an overabundance of talk and a strong racist element.

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  • Crack-Up



    Disheveled Pat O’Brien, art curator and critic, stumbles up to the art museum’s door and attempts to break in. Stopped by the guard, he collapses raving about a train wreck. According to police detective Wallace Ford no trains have been wrecked for months. Fired, but suspicious about events occurring at the museum, O’Brien investigates the authenticity of some valuable paintings. His investigations lead to murder, arson, and kidnapping before the mysteries involving the paintings and the supposed train wreck are…

  • The General

    The General


    Buster Keaton's masterpiece.