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  • When Knighthood Was in Flower

    When Knighthood Was in Flower


    King Henry VIII intends his sister, Mary Tudor, to marry the aged Louis XII, King of France. The young and beautiful Mary prefers the handsome, young Captain of the Guard, Charles Brandon. The soothsayer predicts that Mary will be the Queen of France and will be happy after a death.

    An entertaining and lavishly produced silent film stars Marion Davies, supported by her frequent co-star Forrest Stanley. William Powell, who mostly played villainous characters during the silent period, has a…

  • How to Steal a Million

    How to Steal a Million


    A romantic comedy stars Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole as an art forger’s daughter and a burglar who carry out the theft of a small statue from a Paris museum. Hepburn is desperate to take back the statue. Her father, Hugh Griffith, has lent the statue to the museum. Although the statue was supposedly sculpted by Benvenuto Cellini in the 16th century, it was actually sculpted by Hepburn’s grandfather. The museum is planning to carry out a scientific examination to…

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  • Pat and Mike

    Pat and Mike


    Katherine Hepburn, a faculty member at a private college, is engaged to the school’s president. Hepburn, who teaches in the Athletic Department, is a fine athlete, except in the presence of her fiancee, who mere look causes her to become confused and tentative. Spencer Tracy, a low class sports promoter, decides that he can coach Hepburn into winning form. Hepburn, who wants to gain self confidence, accepts Tracy’s offer. Their interactions on and off the field culminate in Hepburn winning…

  • Abandoned



    Newspaperman Dennis O’Keefe helps Gale Storm search for her missing sister. They find that the sister had had a baby shortly before her apparent suicide. Storm does not believe that her sister would kill herself, and she is desperate to find the missing baby. O’Keefe wants to help her, and he wants the story, too. They soon discover a black market adoption ring, run by cold-blooded Marjorie Rambeau, assisted by craven private detective Raymond Burr. District Attorney Jeff Chandler joins…