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  • Girl in the News

    Girl in the News


    Innocent nurse Margaret Lockwood is acquitted of killing her employer. Lockwood, having difficulty finding another nursing position, finally accepts one under an assumed name. Lockwood is content with her new patient in his large country home. However, her new contentment is short-lived. Her patient’s wife and lover (the butler) are planning to use Lockwood’s past as cover for their crime.

    Director Carol Reed builds a good deal of tension in this suspense drama. Lockwood is sympathetic as the falsely accused nurse, and she is supported by a strong cast including Barry K. Barnes, Emlyn Williams, Margaretta Scott, and Roger Livesey.

  • The Night Visitor

    The Night Visitor


    Max von Sydow, unjustly imprisoned in an insane asylum for a murder, escapes from the prison and murders the people responsible for his imprisonment. He returns to his cell before dawn. Per Oscarsson, the actual murderer in the original killing, sees von Sydow after one of these revenge murders and reports his sighting to Police Inspector Trevor Howard. Howard investigates von Sydow at the prison, but escape from the forbidding building seems impossible. Von Sydow escapes again and commits more…

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  • The Curse of the Cat People

    The Curse of the Cat People


    This is a badly titled, but excellent, film, produced by Val Lewton, who was for a time the breadwinner for RKO Studios. Made after the unexpected smash hit, Cat People, this film is a sequel of sorts. The story focuses on Amy, the daughter of Oliver and Alice Reed, who married after the death of his first wife (the cat person of the title), Irena, and her strange friendships with one real and one imaginary (or is she a ghost?)…

  • Crack-Up



    Disheveled Pat O’Brien, art curator and critic, stumbles up to the art museum’s door and attempts to break in. Stopped by the guard, he collapses raving about a train wreck. According to police detective Wallace Ford no trains have been wrecked for months. Fired, but suspicious about events occurring at the museum, O’Brien investigates the authenticity of some valuable paintings. His investigations lead to murder, arson, and kidnapping before the mysteries involving the paintings and the supposed train wreck are…