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  • Way Out West

    Way Out West


    Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy have a lot of difficulty delivering the deed to a valuable gold mine to the rightful owner.

    The boys produce comedy from the common elements of a musical Western: leading a mule along the trail, riding a stagecoach, singing with a cowboy quartet, “bellying” up to the bar, meeting a greedy saloon girl, tangling with a belligerent sheriff. They even dance in the street.
    One of their best features.

    Seen at the TCM Film Festival, Hollywood 2017

  • Those Redheads from Seattle

    Those Redheads from Seattle


    In the 1890’s four redheadeds and their mother travel to Alaska to help Dad with his newspaper. Unfortunately, Dad has been murdered. The grieving sisters and their mother attempt to carry on the paper.

    The plot sounds dramatic, but the film is actually a musical comedy, shot in 3D. The redheads are played by Rhonda Fleming, Teresa Brewer and the Bell Sisters. Agnes Moorehead is their red-haired mother. Gene Barry, as a saloon owner, carries the serious parts of the…

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  • The Big Red One

    The Big Red One


    The Big Red One (1980) is director Samuel Fuller’s semi-autobiographical account of his experiences in World War II. The title refers to the scarlet numeral on the shoulder patch of soldiers in the U.S. Army’s First Infantry Division, with which Fuller fought. This was a film which Fuller very much wanted to make, although it was not until relatively late in his career that he got the needed financing. The movie follows the exploits of four privates, one of whom…

  • Smooth as Silk

    Smooth as Silk


    Actress Virginia Grey is determined to play the lead in producer John Litel’s new show. She skillfully manipulates every man who can help her gain the part, even to becoming engaged to Litel. Long time boyfriend, slick lawyer Kent Taylor, does not intend to give up anything he owns, and Taylor will stop at nothing, not even murder, to keep her.

    A pretty good B film has an interesting plot that builds nicely. The main characters are selfish, ruthless and…