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  • The Woman of the Town

    The Woman of the Town


    A first class western, based on historic events in Dodge City, Kansas, has a fairly original story line. Albert Dekker plays Bat Masterson, Marshall of Dodge, and Claire Trevor is saloon entertainer Dora Hand. Dekker makes a very strong westerner and Trevor, a handsome woman and a fine actress, looks very nice in the period clothes. Barry Sullivan has a good part as a likeable villain, although his costumes are rather cartoonish. Eddie Foy Jr adds a note of authenticity playing his father.

  • Park Row

    Park Row


    Gene Evans, a heavy drinking newspaperman, swears off liquor when he finds a backer for his newspaper, The Globe. Evans is opposed by Mary Welch, the owner of The Star, the leading paper in New York. In her zeal to crush the Globe, Welch allows thugs to go so far as to smash The Globe’s presses. Evans perseveres and makes his paper a success and wins Welch too.

    Director Samuel Fuller created this film as a tribute to the birth…

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  • Me and My Gal

    Me and My Gal


    Policeman Spencer Tracy works in the waterfront neighborhood of New York. He knows everybody in the area, including the perenial drunkard who falls in the bay and has to be rescued. In a cafe Tracy is attracted to pretty waitress Joan Bennett. Bennett’s sister, Marion Burns is married to a sailor, George Chandler. Gangster George Walsh,Burn’s former boyfriend, breaks out of jail and hides in her apartment while Chandler is away. Tracy finds Walsh in the apartment and shoots him.…

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Creature from the Black Lagoon


    An expedition hunting fossils of an ancient amphibian sails into mysterious Black Lagoon in the upper reaches of the Amazon River. Unknown to the members of the expedition, a living descendent of the ancient, man-like amphibian lives in the lagoon. This creature has never seen a human, and he is entranced by the female member of the expedition, especially after she goes swimming in a very fetching white bathing suit. Trapping the expedition’s ship in the lagoon, the gill-man attempts…