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  • Fall Guy

    Fall Guy


    Clifford Penn, incoherent and holding a bloody knife, collapses in the street. In the drug ward, he tests positive for cocaine and alcohol. He flees the drug ward and rushes home. At home he tells his brother-in-law, Robert Armstrong, that he has probably killed a woman but does not know why or where. He remembers a few events of the evening. A “pal” took him to a party where a pretty blond singer (Virginia Dale) invited him to drink with…

  • Dirigible



    Jack Holt and Ralph Graves are Navy airmen, Holt in an airship and Graves in a plane. Graves is a daring pilot, whose frequent absence and dangerous stunts frustrate and terrify his wife, Fay Wray.

    The Navy agrees to send Holt and the airship on an expedition to the South Pole with adventurer Hobart Bosworth. Holt plans to bring a plane to fly over the Arctic and asks Graves to be the pilot. However, Wray, feeling neglected, begs Holt to…

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  • Outrage



    Ida Lupino was a marvelous actress, but perhaps even a better director. She might have been given more resources nowadays, but even with low budgets and relatively minor stars, she made extremely powerful films. This may be the best, a gritty, extremely modern tale about the rape of a young, pretty woman in a small town and the failure of society to in any way to prevent the rape or help her deal with it. The police want to catch…

  • The Curse of the Cat People

    The Curse of the Cat People


    This is a badly titled, but excellent, film, produced by Val Lewton, who was for a time the breadwinner for RKO Studios. Made after the unexpected smash hit, Cat People, this film is a sequel of sorts. The story focuses on Amy, the daughter of Oliver and Alice Reed, who married after the death of his first wife (the cat person of the title), Irena, and her strange friendships with one real and one imaginary (or is she a ghost?)…