Abandoned ★★★

Newspaperman Dennis O’Keefe helps Gale Storm search for her missing sister. They find that the sister had had a baby shortly before her apparent suicide. Storm does not believe that her sister would kill herself, and she is desperate to find the missing baby. O’Keefe wants to help her, and he wants the story, too. They soon discover a black market adoption ring, run by cold-blooded Marjorie Rambeau, assisted by craven private detective Raymond Burr. District Attorney Jeff Chandler joins with Storm and O’Keefe to expose the racket, arrest the criminals, and find the missing baby.

Although the subject matter suggests an exploitation film, the movie is a straightforward crime drama that is centered on a sensational plot line. The screenplay, direction, and acting are good. O’Keefe is a likable hero, and Raymond Burr specialized in sleazy villains.