Appointment with Venus ★★★

During WWII, Armorel, a Channel Island, is occupied by the Germans. The commander (George Coulouris) of the invaders wants cooperation and peaceful relationships with the inhabitants of the island. One of the inhabitants is a highly prized, pedigreed cow named Venus. The German commander is appreciative of the fine qualities of this animal. A small group of British soldiers, led by David Niven and Glynis Johns, are sent to the island to remove Venus before she is shipped to Germany.

The film is suspenseful but more good-natured and amusing than most British war movies. The situation is less stressful than most missions into occupied territory. Venus is saved and nobody, British soldier, islander, German soldier, or cow, is injured. Niven and Johns are a pleasant pair. Coulouris, who usually played villains, has a lighter part than usual.