Crashing Hollywood ★★★★

Newly arrived in Hollywood, mystery writer Lee Tracy and his collaborator, Paul Guilfoyle, are hired by manic studio head Richard Lane. Tracy and Guilfoyle write a screenplay about a criminal known as “The Hawk”. Unknown to Tracy, Guilfoyle is an ex-convict and a former associate of the real “Hawk”. The movie is a great success. However, its depiction of the actual events of a bank robbery draw the attention of the police and of the real “Hawk”. Police and “Hawk” travel to Hollywood to confront the authors of the “true-to-life” story.

This rather obscure satire of movie making is great fun.
Lee Tracy is terrific. Paul Guilfoyle, Richard Lane, Bradley Page (“The Hawk” and his movie counterpart), and Lee Patrick (as Guilfoyle’s wife) are very funny.