Double Crossbones ★★★½

In the early 1700’s, Donald O’Connor, an innocent shop assistant, is arrested as the accomplice of the pirates plaguing Charlestown’s shipping. O’Connor and his friend, Will Geer, sentenced to death, escape on a pirate ship. Soon, O’Connor is posing as a blood-thirsty buccaneer and meeting with real pirates, including Blackbeard, Capt. Ben Avery, Capt. Kidd, and Henry Morgan. O’Connor risks life and liberty to save his sweetheart, Helena Carter, from marriage with the unknown backer of the pirates, John Emery, the Royal Governor of the Carolinas.

Donald O’Connor sings, dances, and sword fights engagingly. Helena Carter is pretty, John Emery and Hayden Rourke are suitably villainous, and the pirates are a colorful lot. The production, although of a low budget, looks good.