Doubting Thomas ★★★★

Mrs. Pampinelli (Alison Skipworth) recruits the local citizens for her little theater presentation of a romantic melodrama. Paula Brown (Billie Burke) joins the company despite the opposition of her husband Thomas (Will Rogers). The production is beset with numerous farcical faux pas. Nevertheless, Paula is convinced that she has a future as an actress and plans to move to NY. Thomas plots to make her change her mind and stay at home where she belongs.

A very good Rogers comedy, the absurd performance is especially funny. Burke pairs nicely with Rogers and brings her sparkling comic skills to the role. Rogers was a personality more than an actor and, as usual, plays a dramatized version of himself. He does not participate in the play but makes amusing comments from the audience. Rogers gets center stage when he parodies a crooner (an unnamed Bing Crosby) at the microphone singing When the blue of the night meets the gold of the day.