Easy to Love ★★★½

This comedy about marriage concerns a philandering husband, Adolph Menjou, his neglected wife, Genevieve Tobin, his mistress and Tobin’s best friend, Mary Astor, and Tobin’s would-be lover and Menjou’s best friend, Edward Everett Horton (of all people). Tobin plots to regain Menjou’s affections by declaring her intention to follow his example and become Horton’s lover. Menjou, of course, is outraged. Meantime, Patricia Ellis, the 17 year old daughter of Menjou and Tobin has her own plan for reuniting her parents, involving a rendezvous with her boyfriend. Menjou and Tobin are both outraged.

This bedroom farce would never have gotten past the censors once the strictures of the production code were enforced in 1935.