Escape by Night ★★★½

Two gangsters, a gangster’s girlfriend, and an innocent bystander, who becomes involved with them, escape from the law and take refuge in the isolated farm home of a blind man and his granddaughter. The innocent man and the granddaughter soon fall in love.The faith and friendliness of the blind grandfather inspire the reformation of the two gangsters and the woman. The trio reject the gang leader when he finds them and surrender to the sheriff when he arrives to arrest them.

This low budget film is a charming rural drama of friendship and reformation. The actors have a good script and perform with warmth and sincerity. The little known leads, William Hall and Anne Nagel, had minor careers in low budget films. The cast also includes Ward Bond and Dean Jagger both of whom had notable careers as character actors in many high budget films. Bond was a favorite of famed director John Ford.