Scared Stiff ★★★

Lizabeth Scott has inherited a small island off the coast of Cuba. The island is reputed to be haunted and inhabited by a zombie. Somebody wants to either buy the island from her or kill her before she claims it. Undeterred, Scott sails to the island. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis go with her.

Musical comedy remake of The Ghost Breakers (1940) that had starred Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard. Lively and amusing. In 1940, the Lewis role was played by Willie Best, African American comedian, with the racist slant of the time. With Lewis in the role, the character is made more cowardly and stupider without the racism. The black zombie (Noble Johnson) of the original is replaced by a white actor.

An opening section, set in New York, introduces the plot and characters and includes most of the musical numbers. Martin has a couple of songs. Carmen Miranda has a solo number and a trio with Martin and Lewis. Lewis does his impression of Miranda. Once the stars reach the island, the story line is pretty much the same as in the 1940 film.