Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man ★★½

If a movie with one monster is good, what could be better than a movie with two monsters? When they made this movie, the answer was nothing. Eventually Universal Studios went ahead and put all three of their monsters together, but this first film of monster team-ups stopped at two.

Unfortunately, after putting the monsters together, the writer (Curt Siodmak) couldn’t think of anything very interesting or exciting to do with them. The wolf man (Lon Chaney) runs around in his wolf form and Frankenstein’s monster (Bela Lugosi) lumbers about, but nothing much happens. To fill the plot, Siodmak added the old gypsy (Maria Ouspenskaya) from the original Wolf Man movie, Lionel Atwill as the mayor of an Alpine town, Patric Knowles as a doctor who restores the monster’s powers, and Ilona Massey (believe it or not) as the granddaughter of the original Frankenstein. All these people scream and shout and interact with the two monsters, but the film remains dull and plodding.

Seen at the TCM Classic Film Festival, 2016.