Free and Easy ★★½

Gentlemanly father a son, Nigel Bruce and Robert Cummings, are upper crust British in everything but their checkbooks. To improve their financial standing, the son is wooing a rich young woman, Judith Anderson, However, he is also falling in love for another, but poorer, woman, Ruth Hussey. His love for Hussey is interfering with their scheme to gain riches by marriage.

Cummings is poorly cast as a sophisticated member of the British upper class; his English accent comes and goes. Robert Montgomery was much more comfortable in the part in the 1932 film, But the Flesh is Weak. Ruth Hussey is satisfactory in an undemanding role as the poor girl. Judith Anderson has a undemanding role as the nice rich girl Cummings briefly woos.

Based on a stage play, Truth Game (1930), written by Ivor Novello.