Get Your Man ★★★½

In Paris, Clara Bow meets handsome, loveable Buddy Rogers and decides to marry him. The problem for Clara to solve is that Buddy has been engaged since the age of 2 to the girl chosen by his father. Fortunately, the girl is in love with another man and would welcome the end of her engagement to Buddy. Clara uses her wit and sex appeal to bring about the end of the engagement and get her man.

This minimally plotted, lightweight comedy displays the essence of Clara Bow, screen star. She was a natural for the camera. Her persona is full of sparkling fun. Although she mugs a lot, the effect is both cute and amusing. There are no dead moments on the screen when Clara is before the camera, and Clara is on screen for most of the film. The film was directed by one of the few women directors, Dorothy Arzner,; it is her third film. She keeps the story moving rapidly and amusingly.