Goodbye Again ★★★½

In Chicago, novelist Kenneth Bixby (Warren William), on a speaking tour accompanied by his secretary Anne Rogers (Joan Blondell), is visited in his hotel room by an old girlfriend, Julie Wilson (Genevieve Tobin). Although Ken and Julie last met years before, Julie is certain that Ken has not forgotten her and that characters in his novels are based on her. Julie is married, but she is not deterred by this fact, and Ken succumbs to her pleadings to spend the evening together. Joan does not approve, but Ken goes out with Julie anyway. By the next day, Julie is ready to leave her husband for Ken, and the husband, Harvey Wilson (Hugh Herbert), is willing to separate from Julie. However, Ken is desperate to get away from Julie. Can sensible, hard working Anne save him?

This amusing, pre-code comedy is based on a stage play (1932) of the same name.