Her Majesty, Love ★★★

In Berlin, Marilyn Miller, a cabaret barmaid, become engaged to Ben Lyon, the manager of his family’s ballbearing factory. Lyon’s family, especially his socially minded brother, Ford Sterling, disapprove of the marriage, even more so after they meet Miller’s boorish father, W.C. Fields. The lovers are separated and the heart broken Miller even marries Baron Leon Errol, but true love wins out, and Miller and Lyon are united for the happy ending.

Director William Dieterle, seemingly trying for a Lubitsch-style sex farce, turned out a mildly amusing musical comedy.

As the barmaid, Marilyn Miller is pleasant, placid, and lacking much sex appeal. Miller, famed Broadway musical comedy star, was unable to translate her luminous stage presence to film. She made only three mildly successful films, Sally (1929), Sunny (1930), and Her Majesty, Love.

W.C. Fields in his first talkie, is rather subdued (for Fields), but his comic voice and delivery stand out.