Hold Back the Dawn ★★★★

Charles Boyer, a European immigrant, is waiting in Mexico for his chance to enter the United States. Due to the quota system, he may have to wait at least 5 years before he can legally enter. Former paramour Paulette Goddard explains to him her method of gaining immediate entry; she married an American and entered the country as his wife. Boyer decides to follow Goddard’s example. He will marry an American and gain immediate entry as her husband. Once in the country, he can quickly divorce his new wife.

Boyer chooses innocent schoolteacher Olivia de Havilland as his future wife. Using his charm and practiced lies, he talks her into marriage. His plans are disrupted during their honeymoon in the Mexican countryside because Boyer comes to respect and love his sweet and trusting wife.
Goddard does not intend to loose Boyer and tells de Havilland the truth about the marriage.

Angry, de Havilland leaves Boyer. They are reunited after she is injured and he rushes to her side.

A high-class romantic drama avoids becoming maudlin due to first rate writing (Charles Bracket and Billy Wilder), delicate direction (Mitchell Leisen), and excellent acting.