I Sell Anything ★★½

Spot Cash Cutler (Pat O’Brien) talks so fast and persuasively that he can convince almost anybody to bid on items at his 2nd Ave auction business. Cash falls for classy, sophisticated Millicent who convinces him to relocate to 5th Ave and use his skills to sell a mansion-full of fake antiques to the rich residents of the area. Only after Millicent steals the proceeds of the auction and sails for Europe with another man does Cash realized that he has been fooled. All is not lost, however, Cash still has loyal Barbara (Ann Dvorak) and the thieves will be arrested as soon as the boat docks in Paris.

Lightweight comedy has a minimum of story. Auction sales carried on by O’Brien’s character take up much of the running time. The focal point of the plot is to demonstrated his ability to talk fast and persuasively.