Ladies of the Jury ★★★

French born, ex-chorus girl, Jill Esmond is on trial for murdering her husband. The jury includes a mix of personalities; the most noticeable juror is society woman Edna Mae Oliver who asks lots of questions in court and annoys the judge. Oliver also shows herself as sympathetic to the defendant.

The deliberations in the jury room are contentious, but Oliver begins to convince her fellow jurors that Esmond is innocent. A visit to the scene of the crime leads to the clearing up of the events that resulted in the death of Esmond’s husband.

Tall, skinny, middle-aged, and homily, with the voice of a rusty door hinge, Edna Mae Oliver had a unique and appealing personality. She was a prominent character actress and even had some starring roles, most notably as “Miss Hildegarde Withers” in a series of mystery films. She is amusing and delightful as she trades comments with the judge and with her fellow members of the jury.