Me and My Gal ★★★

Policeman Spencer Tracy works in the waterfront neighborhood of New York. He knows everybody in the area, including the perenial drunkard who falls in the bay and has to be rescued. In a cafe Tracy is attracted to pretty waitress Joan Bennett. Bennett’s sister, Marion Burns is married to a sailor, George Chandler. Gangster George Walsh,Burn’s former boyfriend, breaks out of jail and hides in her apartment while Chandler is away. Tracy finds Walsh in the apartment and shoots him. The sisters are grateful and thank him for not disclosing that Burns was hiding the gangster. Tracy and Bennett marry and sail to Havana on their honeymoon.

An early starring film for Tracy and Bennett who play unsophisticated New Yorkers. The plot focuses on Tracy’s various interactions with the people in his neighborhood. Directed by Raoul Walsh, who had a 50 year career, this was his 53rd film and 12th talkie. George Walsh, Raoul’s brother, who was a leading man in silents, plays the gangster.