Millionaires in Prison ★★★

Five millionaires, two foolish, but good natured, gentlemen, two swindlers, and a drunken doctor, Truman Bradley, who got into an auto accident, are sent to the state prison. Already imprisoned, Lee Tracy, armed robber, is regarded by the other prisoners as a trusted man who knows all and gives good advice.

The swindlers are soon conniving to bilk their fellow prisoners of any excess funds they may have saved. Tracy seems to have joined in the scheme, but has he?

Meanwhile, the doctor is a well known researcher who was investigating a cure for an oft fatal infectious disease. With the assistance of the prison doctor, Bradley is allowed to continue his research. Tracy manipulates the foolish millionaires and gets them to donate the funds for the work. He even gets some of his prison friends to volunteer as human subjects.

A ridiculous, but surprisingly fun and amusing, movie stars masterful, fast-talking Lee Tracy. Tracy, as always, dominates the screen. The high grade supporting cast includes a host of familiar character actors including Raymond Walburn and Thurston Hall as the foolish millionaires.