One Hour with You ★★★★★

Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald are a devoted married couple. MacDonald’s best friend, Genevieve Tobin, visits, and although Chevalier loves his wife, the charms of Tobin are irresistible. Chevalier’s marriage is endangered; Tobin’s husband, Roland Young, plans to name Chevalier as the other man in his divorce suit. Jeanette has a suitor too, the less than irresistible, but passionate (and very funny), Charles Ruggles. Will this marriage be saved?

Ernst Lubitsch directed this sophisticated, pre-code, musical comedy that features sparkling dialogue, beautiful sets, and lovely costumes designed by Travis Banton. The film “breaks the fourth wall” when Chevalier discusses his troubles directly with the audience.

Seen at the TCM Film Festival, Hollywood 2017