Pat and Mike ★★★★

Katherine Hepburn, a faculty member at a private college, is engaged to the school’s president. Hepburn, who teaches in the Athletic Department, is a fine athlete, except in the presence of her fiancee, who mere look causes her to become confused and tentative. Spencer Tracy, a low class sports promoter, decides that he can coach Hepburn into winning form. Hepburn, who wants to gain self confidence, accepts Tracy’s offer. Their interactions on and off the field culminate in Hepburn winning the big golf tournament and changing her marriage plans.

The interactions of Tracy and Hepburn provide most of the comic sparkle, but Aldo Rey and Charles (Bronson) Buchinski have their moments too. Screenwriters Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon devised an Oscar nominated screenplay that takes advantage of Katherine Hepburn’s athleticism.