Saps at Sea ★★★½

Laurel and Hardy work at a horn factory testing the horns. The sound of the horns drives Hardy crazy, and he erupts into violent outbursts at the sound. The doctor, James Finlayson, recommends a long rest in the peace and quiet of a sea voyage. The boys settle on renting a small boat tied to a dock. For some unknown reason, Stan brings a trombone along. Their tranquility is soon broken by mean-looking and nasty-tempered Richard Cramer, an escaped criminal, who hides on their boat. The boat breaks away from the dock and drifts out to sea. Alone on the ocean with the dangerous criminal, the boys share a disastrous breakfast with him. Laurel blows on the trombone, and Hardy goes into a fit and attacks Cramer. Stan pulls the trombone apart and Hardy loses his violence and flees. Hardy alternately attacks or flees depending on Laurel’s success with blowing the trombone. The arrival of the coast guard saves them, apparently.

The final film Laurel and Hardy made for Hal Roach Studios has a particularly silly plot. However, no matter how ridiculous the plot, Laurel and Hardy films made at the Roach Studios are always fun to watch.