School for Scoundrels ★★★★

Ian Carmichael is a loser, he is taken advantage of and browbeaten by everyone he knows or encounters, including the employees of his office, especially the head clerk, car salesmen, and people on a bus. He meets a beautiful young woman (Janette Scott) and tries to impress her, but his efforts are overshadowed by the aggressive approach of his rival Terry-Thomas.

Carmichael enrolls in Alastair Sim’s school for success. Sim’s curriculum teaches methods of winning against every person a man encounters, even if the method is underhanded and unethical. The newly graduated Carmichael is soon getting the upper hand over one and all, the head clerk, the car salesmen, and, most especially, Terry-Thomas. However, when his method of seduction is on the point of succeeding with Scott, his conscience overcomes him: love and marriage are the proper methods.

Sim is disgusted by Carmichael’s weakness and raves into the camera about his displeasure. Terry-Thomas, however, wants to learn the methods of being a “winner” and enters Sim’s school.

A very funny comedy stars some of the best comic actors in England.