That Dangerous Age ★★½

Barrister Roger Livesey is dedicated to his profession and neglects wife Myrna Loy and daughter Peggy Cummins. LIvesey becomes dangerously ill and Loy must care for him. Loy’s lover, Richard Greene, asks Loy to go off with him, but she refuses to leave her sick husband. Because Livesey suspects them, Loy asks Greene to give his attentions to Cummins. Greene and Cummins fall in love, but Livesey and Cummins learn about the relationship between Loy and Greene. A series of emotional scenes among the parties leads to a happy resolution.

A dull and plodding romantic drama was written for Myrna Loy, By 1949, Loy had become dowdy and lost her sparkle, and this was her last romantic role. Cummins is cute and lively, and Greene upright and stolid. Livesey has the best scenes as the angry husband.