The Bride Wore Red ★½

Poor, beautiful Anni Pavlovitch (Joan Crawford) is given a two week stay at a exclusive Tyrollean Inn. She meets and fascinates a rich young man, Rudi Pal (Robert Young). Rudi is engaged to sweet, pretty Maddelena Monti (Lynne Carver). Anni longs to have the wealth that Rudi can offer and contemplates taking him away from Maddelena. Postman Giulio (Franchot Tone) is also fascinated by Anni, and he wants to marry her. She loves Giulio too, but how can she give up Rudi’s riches?

Another dull, pointless Joan Crawford film from the mid thirties. The film was directed by Dorothy Arzner, the only female director in Hollywood at the time. Unfortunately, Arzner’s direction does not provide any sparkle.