The Congress Dances ★★★★½

The 1815 Congress of Vienna was a historic conference attended by most of the leaders of Europe. Czar Alexander I of Russia (Willy Frisch) who enjoys the company of pretty women, is diverted from the meeting by a Christine, a lovely and vivacious Viennese glove seller (Lillian Harvay). Alexander romances the enchanted Christine. Their interlude ends abruptly when the escape of Napoleon from Elba brings the Congress to a sudden conclusion, and Alexander must return to Russia immediately. Christine is left with her memory of their sweet, springtime romance.

The lavish sets and costumes of this brilliant musical comedy are enhanced by the 1815 Viennese background. Lillian Harvey, singer and dancer, charms as the sweet and innocent shopgirl. Willy Fritsch, star of German cinema from 1922 to 1967, is handsome and romantic.