The Crimson Kimono ★★★½

A burlesque performer is chased down in the street and murdered. Detectives, and close friends, Glenn Corbett and James Shigeti investigate. Before killing the dancer, the murderer also put a bullet into a picture of the woman in a crimson kimono. The dancer was planning a new routine featuring a Japanese theme. The picture was painted by an art student (Victoria Shaw) who sketches a man she saw at the dancer’s apartment. After an attempt is made on the life of the student, she moves in with the detectives for her protection. Soon both men are in love with Shaw, and she admits loving Shigeti. Shigeti, who feels that his race stands between them, becomes morose and distant. The friends become estranged.

They continue the murder investigation and find the man in the sketch. He was aiding the burlesque performer in her study of Japanese culture. Suddenly , his lover appears, shoots him, and flees. Shegiti chases and shoots her. As she lies wounded, she confesses that she thought her lover was having an affair with the dancer. She misinterpreted their actions. Shegiti realizes that he was also incorrect in his ideas, reconciles with his friend, and kisses the student.

The plot starts in one direction but changes into a study of interracial love and individual perceptions of the relationships between other people. Both Shigeti and the murderer have misinterpreted the actions of the important people in their lives. Once he has figured this out, Shegeti can break the racial barrier and unite his love. The film was directed by Samuel Fuller.