The Drop Kick ★★★

A college football player (Richard Barthelmess) famed for his drop kick field goals nearly marries the wrong woman. He is saved by the intervention of his mother (Hedda Hopper).

Richard Barthelmess’s career started in 1916. He co-starred with Lillian Gish in two famous films directed by D.W. Griffith: Way Down East (1920) and Broken Blossoms (1919). The best-known film in which he stars, Tol’able David (1921), directed by Henry King, is one of the classics of silent cinema.

Football became very popular during the 1920s. The game as played in 1927 differed significantly from the current version. The drop kick, in which the kicker drops the ball and kicks it on the bounce over the goal, is no longer a component of the game. Also, football of the twenties did not feature the forward pass; the quarterback generally had three options with the ball: run with it, throw it laterally to a halfback, or quick kick it.