The Golden Fleecing ★★½

Insurance agent Henry Twinkle (Lew Ayres) sells gangster Gus Fender (Lloyd Nolan) a large insurance policy. Having sold Fender the policy, Henry is compelled to protect Fender’s life, and Fender has a lot of enemies. Henry’s attempts to help Fender get them both into a lot of trouble, especially with their respective fiancees, Mary Blake (Rita Johnson) and Lila Hanley (Virginia Grey).

The mildly amusing plot focuses on the ongoing tribulations of Ayres’ dopey character. Unfortunately, Ayres is miscast as the comic simpleton, a role for which he had no affinity. Nolan is good as the put-upon gangster. The cast is full of recognizable, competent character actors of the time, including Leon Errol, Thurston Hall, and William Demerest.