The Light Touch ★★★

Stewart Granger stars as a thief who specializes in paintings. Granger’s confederates are sophisticated George Sanders and Sander’s assistants intelligent Norman Lloyd and dumb strong-arm Mike Mazurki. Granger plans to double-cross Sanders and collect all the proceeds from the sale of his latest theft, a Renaissance painting of Christ. He has an anxious buyer, Kurt Krasner, lined up. He uses young, pretty and trusting Pier Angeli as part of his plot. Granger’s plotting falls apart after he marries Angeli, and her love reforms him. Sanders is angry initially, but reconciles himself to Granger’s reformation.

The complex plot is rather slow moving but is aided by a first rate cast. Granger is his usual pleasant self, and Sanders makes an engaging thief and scoundrel. Norman Lloyd, whose career began in the early 1940’s, is 103 years old as of July 2018 and still appears at events such as the 2018 TCM Classic Film Festival.