The Magic Box ★★★½

William Friese-Greene dedicates his life to the development of a motion picture camera. Despite the personal and financial costs of their husband’s single-minded quest to develop and exhibit his camera, his two wives ( Friese-Greene remarried after the death of his first wife) loyally support his goals. Unfortunately, Friese-Green never receives public recognition for his contributions to the development of a motion picture camera, and he is living in poverty and obscurity at his death in 1921.

This film was made as a contribution to the “Festival of Britain”, a public celebration of British life and achievements intended as a morale booster for a British public still suffering from hardships during the difficult period after the end of World War II. Robert Donat played the inventor and many British film stars joined the cast as their contribution to the Festival.

Seen at the TCM Film Festival, Hollywood 2017