The Mummy ★★★½

The reanimated mummy of the Egyptian high priest Kharis (Christopher Lee) stalks the English landscape killing the members of the Banning family (Peter Cushing, Felix Aylmer, Raymond Huntley). Dedicated archeologists, the Bannings opened the 4000 year old tomb of the Princess Ananka. Ananka, a devoted follower of the Egyptian god Karnak, was the beloved of Kharis, the high priest of Karnak. The mummy of Kharis is reanimated by a modern follower of Karnak, Mehemet Bay who intends to use the mummy to gain revenge for the violation of Ananka’s tomb.

A well done, fun version of the foundational mummy movie. Peter Cushing is quite good, his presence always adds a good deal of gravitas to a Hammer Studios horror film. Christopher Lee does not have much to do except lumber about the sets, looking menacing.