The Raven ★★★½

Any film in which Peter Lorre is introduced in the form of a talking black bird, The Raven of the title, has to be silly at the least, and so it is. Vincent Price teams up with Lorre and Lorre’s son, the young Jack Nicholson, to regain his wife (Hazel Court) who has run off with villainous magician Boris Karloff. The wife does not want to leave Karloff, Lorre is Karloff’s confederate, and Nicholson is not much help, but Price prevails anyway, sort of.

The plot and dialogue are absurd, but the whole thing is only an excuse for Roger Corman to get the three stars before the camera, so who cares. Jack Nicholson has a more or less straight role, but his ridiculous feathered hat makes him another object of the silliness.

Seen at the Turner Classic Film Festival, 2018