The Sleeping City ★★★½

Dr Foster has been murdered within a few blocks of Bellevue Hospital, New York where he is an intern. Lacking clues, Inspector Gordon, who thinks that the murderer is associated with the hospital, assigns Detective Fred Rowan to the investigation. With the cooperation of the hospital authorities, Rowan, who has some medical experience, enters the hospital posing as a intern and tracks down the killer.

A pretty good police procedural, with film noir characteristics, has a suspenseful plot, strong characterizations, and high-caliber actors, including Richard Conte, Colleen Gray, and John Alexander.

The movie was filmed in and around Bellevue Hospital and the authentic setting adds a good deal to the effectiveness of the story. Filming at an actual New York site is obviously derived from the techniques of the highly successful police procedural Naked City (1948) (even the name is similar).