Tokyo Chorus ★★★★½

In Tokyo, young businessman Okajima loses his job after an argument with his boss. Okajima will not be bringing home the bonus money his wife is expecting, and his son will not have a new bicycle. The depression has put many people out of work; Okajima joins the job seekers. His daughter gets dysentery, and he sells his wife’s kimonos to pay the hospital bill. A chance meeting with a former teacher results in a job offer, but the job is in a distant province. Okajima decides to accept it, he and his wife will leave Tokyo, although reluctantly.

The story is minimal. During the depression era, a Japanese family carries on the everyday events of life. From a series of undramatic incidents, Yasujiro Ozu produces a sweet and funny family comedy.

Although American films had been talkiing for several years, Ozu was making silents in 1931. His first talkie is from 1933.