Treasure of the Golden Condor ★★★

In 18th century France, Cornel Wilde’s uncle, George McCready, holds him in bondage. Wilde escapes and travels to Guatemala where he and Finlay Currie find a treasure. Currie has another treasure, his beautiful daughter, Constance Smith. Now rich, Wilde returns to France to clear his name and claim his supposed sweetheart, Anne Bancroft. He clears his name but, finds that Bancroft isn’t so sweet. Surprise! He returns to Guatemala and his true love.

The romantic melodrama has the hero chased from the Old World to the New where he finds riches and a new girl. This was a popular type of plot for handsome, athletic leading men. A remake of the Tyrone Power vehicle Son of Fury (1942). Power’s Captain from Castile (1947) has a similar subplot as well.