While the Patient Slept ★★★

In the bedroom of his gloomy mansion, a unconscious man rests after a stroke. Nurse Aline MacMahon cares for him. The members of his less-than-congenial family linger in the house. Inspector Guy Kibbee comes into the house to investigate the murder of the millionaire’s unpleasant son, Robert Barrat, who was generally disliked by the other family members. The butler, Brandon Hurst, is the second victim. Kibbee suspects Patricia Ellis, the millionaire’s granddaughter, but MacMahon does not agree. Kibbee lays a trap for the murderer and catches lawyer Henry O’Neill who killed Barrat over money. In the morning, the patient awakens and asks if anything happened while he slept.

The plot features more of policeman Kibbee than nurse MacMahon. They make a good combination, amusing and fun, two actors who usually had supporting roles and get their own film in this one.