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  • The Outlaw and His Wife

    The Outlaw and His Wife


    In Iceland, Victor Sjostrom, an escaped convict, is employed by Edith Erastoff on her farm. They fall in love, and when the sheriff comes after Sjostrom, they escape into the wilds. With their daughter, they live happily in a small cave. John Ekman, who helped in their escape, has been outlawed and comes to live with them. After two years, Ekman develops a desire for Erastoff. He menaces her but restrains himself. Knowing that continued restraint is impossible, he starts…

  • The Light Touch

    The Light Touch


    Stewart Granger stars as a thief who specializes in paintings. Granger’s confederates are sophisticated George Sanders and Sander’s assistants intelligent Norman Lloyd and dumb strong-arm Mike Mazurki. Granger plans to double-cross Sanders and collect all the proceeds from the sale of his latest theft, a Renaissance painting of Christ. He has an anxious buyer, Kurt Krasner, lined up. He uses young, pretty and trusting Pier Angeli as part of his plot. Granger’s plotting falls apart after he marries Angeli, and…

  • It's Tough to Be Famous

    It's Tough to Be Famous


    Douglas Fairbanks Jr, the commander of a sunken submarine, stays behind to blast the last of his crew to safety out the torpedo tube. Navy divers arrive in time to save him. He becomes an instant hero and is surrounded by admirers and newsmen. Walter Catlett, Fairbanks’ agent, controls his publicity and potential income. The public notoriety and social pressures are intense. Women fawn over him. Fairbanks seek quiet by visiting Mary Brian, a friend, and falls asleep on her…

  • The Phantom of Paris

    The Phantom of Paris


    Magician and escape artist John Gilbert loves Leila Hyams. She has been engaged to Ian Keith but no longer cares for him. During a party at Hyams’ home, she becomes engaged to Gilbert. When Gilbert informs her father, C. Aubrey Smith, of the engagement, they quarrel. Later that evening, Keith kills Smith. Gilbert is accused, tried, and sentenced to death for the murder. Hyams, unsure of Gilbert’s innocence, marries Keith. Gilbert escapes jail and hides out at the shop of…

  • Nobody Runs Forever

    Nobody Runs Forever


    The actors Rod Taylor, Christopher Plummer, Lilli Palmer, Camilla Sparv, Daliah Lavi are satisfactory, but the scenario, about the intrigues surrounding Australian High Commissioner Plummer as he leads a conference on world food security, is a mess, confused and ultimately pointless.

    The film is based on Jon Cleary’s novel The High Commisioner (1966) that introduced Australian detective Scobie Malone who subsequently has been featured in twenty novels. Hopefully, Malone in the novels is a more successful character than Malone in the film, who is one of the least effective detectives in movie history.

  • China Gate

    China Gate


    In 1954 the French Foreign Legion is fighting Communist insurgents in Vietnam. A group of legionaries tramp through the jungle to blow up a large depot of arms hidden in the mountains at a place called China Gate. The group, including Gene Barry and Nat “King” Cole, is guided by Eurasian Angie Dickinson who is known, and welcomed, by all the soldiers on both sides.

    Producer-director-writer Samuel Fuller, ardently anti-communist if this film is any guide, was making movies about…

  • The Clown

    The Clown


    A theatrical producer sees Gosta Ekman, a clown with a small circus, and signs him to perform in Paris. Ekman marries Karina Bell, his sweetheart, and, with her parents, they go to Paris. Ekman is a sensation and soon becomes a major star. Bell is courted by a philandering couturier and runs off with him. Ekman is devastated and soon turns to drink. Unknown to Ekman, Bell was pregnant when she ran off. She has a daughter. After the couturier…

  • One of Our Aircraft Is Missing

    One of Our Aircraft Is Missing


    A British bomber is shot down over Holland. The crew parachutes safely but are many kilometers from the coast. Dutch patriots help them avoid the German forces as they travel to the sea and a rendevous with a rescue vessel.

    A 1942 British “keep-a-stiff-upper-lip, we will prevail” movie from the team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.

  • The Joyless Street

    The Joyless Street


    The complex plot involves several, loosely connected, stories about the denizens of Melchior Street, Vienna, most of whom are very poor and hungry. Unknown to many of the residents, a dress shop conceals a night club where rich men enjoy the favors of young women.

    Asta Nielsen, estranged from her parents, has become a sex worker at the night club. She is pursued by a rich South American. Her cold manner enflames him, but she does not respond to his…

  • Waterloo Road

    Waterloo Road


    After receiving a letter from his sister telling him that his wife, Joy Shelton, is seeing other men, Private John Mills goes AWOL to learn the truth. He spends a day searching for his wife and her friend, Stewart Granger, and avoiding the army police who are hunting for him. At the end of the day Mills confronts Shelton and Granger and learns the truth.

    This comedy film features John Mills, a personable, multitalented actor, and Stewart Granger, exchanging his…

  • The Captive

    The Captive


    Early film directed by C. B. DeMille, set during the First Balkan War (1912-1913) between The Ottoman Empire and the Balkan States.

    House Peters, a Turkish nobelman captured on the battlefield, agrees to work on the farm of a Montenagran peasant rather than remain in a crowded prison cell. He becomes the captive assistant to young and pretty Blanche Sweet. He does not know how to work, but his good nature quickly wins over the affections of Sweet’s little brother…

  • Don't Bet on Women

    Don't Bet on Women


    Edmund Lowe’s divorced wife demands alimony. Lowe agrees and goes to his lawyer, Roland Young, to write out the agreement. Lowe tells Young that women are unfaithful and bad by nature. Young replies that men must be dominant and control their wives, as Young controls his wife, Jeanette MacDonald. Lowe, Young and MacDonald attend a party. At the party Lowe bets Young that he can flatter any woman, married or unmarried, into kissing him within 48 hours of their meeting.…