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  • On purge bébé

    On purge bébé


    A manufacturer of porcelain demonstrates his “unbreakable” chamber pot to a member of the War Ministry, hoping that the government will buy the pots for the use of the French Army, 300,000 strong, each soldier with his own pot emblazoned with his name and serial number. Meanwhile the business owner’s slatternly wife has decided that 7 year old “baby” has not “been” and needs to take a laxative. The child refuses, and his mother drags him to his father demanding…

  • Easy to Love

    Easy to Love


    This comedy about marriage concerns a philandering husband, Adolph Menjou, his neglected wife, Genevieve Tobin, his mistress and Tobin’s best friend, Mary Astor, and Tobin’s would-be lover and Menjou’s best friend, Edward Everett Horton (of all people). Tobin plots to regain Menjou’s affections by declaring her intention to follow his example and become Horton’s lover. Menjou, of course, is outraged. Meantime, Patricia Ellis, the 17 year old daughter of Menjou and Tobin has her own plan for reuniting her parents,…

  • The Long Arm

    The Long Arm


    An interesting police procedural stars Jack Hawkins as a Scotland Yard Superintendent. Hawkins is investigating a series of robberies in which each safe is opened with a key. Since all the safes are made by the same manufacturer, the search centers on which employee of the manufacturing company is duplicating the keys. The search becomes even more urgent after the thieves commit murder during one of the robberies.

    The complex mystery holds the viewer’s attention throughout. Hawkins was a first rate actor.

  • Make Your Own Bed

    Make Your Own Bed


    Detective Jack Carson and fiancee Jane Wyman pose as servants in the home of wealthy Alan Hale. Hale has ostensibly hired Carson to protect his life, but all he really wants is servants and will get them any way he can. Despite Carson’s ineptitude as a detective, he manages to get in on the capture of some Nazi agents with real agent Ricardo Cortez.

    Mostly plotless and witless, although a little bit of plot intrudes at the end. Jack Carson was a fun to watch even when the film is poor.

  • The Brides of Dracula

    The Brides of Dracula


    Doctor Von Helsing (Peter Cushing) battles to eliminate a local community of vampires, lead by Baron Meinster (David Peel). The Count is biting young women who become his undead followers.
    The Baron has even attacked his mother, Baroness Meinster (Martita Hunt).

    Another fun Hammer horror film matching Dr Von Helsing, vampire killer, against a vampire menace. Peter Cushing gives his usual competent performance as the determined Von Helsing. David Peel takes over the vampire role from Christopher Lee who did not wish to play Dracula again so soon after Hammer's Horror of Dracula (1958).

  • Arsène Lupin Returns

    Arsène Lupin Returns


    A thief is determined to steal the famed ruby necklace belonging to the Count de Grissac, and he seems to be famed gentleman thief Arsene Lupin who the French police thinks is dead. American detective Steve Emerson is trying to catch the thief and prevent the theft of the jewel. Rene Farrand, actually Lupin himself, wants to find the man impersonating him. Farranc loves Lorraine de Grissac, the niece of the owner of the jewel.

    A sequel to the 1932…

  • Arsène Lupin

    Arsène Lupin


    The Duke d Charmerace, also known as the famed jewel thief Arsene Lupin, matches wits against wiley French detective Guerchard.

    The character of gentleman thief Arsene Lupin originated in a French short story of 1905. The author Maurice Leblanc wrote the play on which the film is based, performed on Broadway in 1909. Despite the creaky aspects of the plot, the film is amusing, mostly due to the presence of John (Lupin) and Lionel (Guerchard) Barrymore who obviously enjoyed working together.

  • Saps at Sea

    Saps at Sea


    Laurel and Hardy work at a horn factory testing the horns. The sound of the horns drives Hardy crazy, and he erupts into violent outbursts at the sound. The doctor, James Finlayson, recommends a long rest in the peace and quiet of a sea voyage. The boys settle on renting a small boat tied to a dock. For some unknown reason, Stan brings a trombone along. Their tranquility is soon broken by mean-looking and nasty-tempered Richard Cramer, an escaped criminal,…

  • Escape by Night

    Escape by Night


    Two gangsters, a gangster’s girlfriend, and an innocent bystander, who becomes involved with them, escape from the law and take refuge in the isolated farm home of a blind man and his granddaughter. The innocent man and the granddaughter soon fall in love.The faith and friendliness of the blind grandfather inspire the reformation of the two gangsters and the woman. The trio reject the gang leader when he finds them and surrender to the sheriff when he arrives to arrest…

  • Beauties of the Night

    Beauties of the Night


    A handsome composer and pianist, Gerard Philipe, has great musical and romantic successes during his nightly dreams; his waking hours are mostly full of disappointments and stress.

    The busy plot alternates between Philipe’s waking and sleeping adventures in a confusing series of scenes involving multiple young women and many other characters. Sporatically, the characters break out in song.

    Written and directed by Rene Clair

  • Girl in the News

    Girl in the News


    Innocent nurse Margaret Lockwood is acquitted of killing her employer. Lockwood, having difficulty finding another nursing position, finally accepts one under an assumed name. Lockwood is content with her new patient in his large country home. However, her new contentment is short-lived. Her patient’s wife and lover (the butler) are planning to use Lockwood’s past as cover for their crime.

    Director Carol Reed builds a good deal of tension in this suspense drama. Lockwood is sympathetic as the falsely accused nurse, and she is supported by a strong cast including Barry K. Barnes, Emlyn Williams, Margaretta Scott, and Roger Livesey.

  • The Night Visitor

    The Night Visitor


    Max von Sydow, unjustly imprisoned in an insane asylum for a murder, escapes from the prison and murders the people responsible for his imprisonment. He returns to his cell before dawn. Per Oscarsson, the actual murderer in the original killing, sees von Sydow after one of these revenge murders and reports his sighting to Police Inspector Trevor Howard. Howard investigates von Sydow at the prison, but escape from the forbidding building seems impossible. Von Sydow escapes again and commits more…