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  • The Man in Possession

    The Man in Possession


    Charming, sophisticated, Cambridge educated Robert Montgomery arrives home after a stint in jail for auto theft. His mother greets him warmly, but his father (C. Aubrey Smith) and brother (Reginald Owen) do not want to associate with him. His father offers him money and a ticket to Australia, or anywhere he will go. He declines and leaves the house.

    Owen is engaged to Irene Purcell. Although both Owen and Purcell are poor, each of them believes the other is rich.…

  • The Office Wife

    The Office Wife


    Newlywed Lewis Stone spends more time with his secretary, Dorothy Mackaill, then he does with his wife, Natalie Moorhead. Mackaill loves Stone, but, after his marriage, becomes engaged to her boorish newspaper boyfriend. Moorhead, neglected by Stone, falls in love with another man. Moorhead and Stone, realizing that they are no longer in love, agree to an amicable divorce. Mackaill breaks off from the newspaperman and unites with Stone.

    Movies about the lives of young, attractive secretaries working in skyscraper…

  • Glamour for Sale

    Glamour for Sale


    Anita Louise works for a legitimate escort service. Don Bedoe and Paul Fix run a shady escort outfit that specializes in petty thievery and blackmail. Undercover detective Roger Pryor asks Louise to get proof of the illegal activities of Bedoe and Fix.

    A solid B film. Roger Pryor was one of the least likely love interests in movie history.

  • Show Them No Mercy!

    Show Them No Mercy!


    A young couple, Rochelle Hudson and Edward Norris, with their baby and dog, seek shelter from a rainstorm in an apparently deserted farmhouse. However, the house is being used as a hideout by a gang of merciless kidnappers, Cesar Romero, Bruce Cabot, Ed Brophy , and Warren Hymer. The kidnappers are not welcoming to Hudson and Norris and lock them and their baby in a room while they debate what to do with them. The situation is terrifying for the…

  • Nora Prentiss

    Nora Prentiss


    San Francisco physician Dr. Richard Thorpe (Kent Smith) lives a routine life with regular hours divided between his medical practice and his sedate family life. When Thorpe meets nightclub singer Nora Prentiss (Ann Sheridan), he becomes enamored of her and decides to leave his wife. Unable to hurt his wife and children, but wanting to be with Nora, he fakes his death and moves with Nora to New York. His indecision and weakness results in tragedy for everybody.

    A grim…

  • Hotel Berlin

    Hotel Berlin


    The end of the war is approaching; at the finest hotel in Berlin an assorted clientele prepares for the defeat of Germany.

    Lacking stars, this drama features experienced actors playing arrogant Nazis (George Coulouris, Alan Hale, Henry Daniell, Kurt Kreuger, Raymond Massey), frightened, conflicted women (Faye Emerson, Andrea King), and traumatized members of the resistance (Helmut Dantine, Peter Lorre).

    Written by Vicki Baum as a follow-up to her most famous ensemble piece, also set in a Berlin hotel, Grand Hotel (1932).

  • Fall Guy

    Fall Guy


    Clifford Penn, incoherent and holding a bloody knife, collapses in the street. In the drug ward, he tests positive for cocaine and alcohol. He flees the drug ward and rushes home. At home he tells his brother-in-law, Robert Armstrong, that he has probably killed a woman but does not know why or where. He remembers a few events of the evening. A “pal” took him to a party where a pretty blond singer (Virginia Dale) invited him to drink with…

  • Dirigible



    Jack Holt and Ralph Graves are Navy airmen, Holt in an airship and Graves in a plane. Graves is a daring pilot, whose frequent absence and dangerous stunts frustrate and terrify his wife, Fay Wray.

    The Navy agrees to send Holt and the airship on an expedition to the South Pole with adventurer Hobart Bosworth. Holt plans to bring a plane to fly over the Arctic and asks Graves to be the pilot. However, Wray, feeling neglected, begs Holt to…

  • The White Cockatoo

    The White Cockatoo


    In an isolated Spanish inn, Jean Muir waits to meet her brother who she has not seen since childhood. Several mysterious individuals threaten Muir, who expects to share a large inheritance with her brother. After several murders, Ricardo Cortez determines that the proprietors of the inn and a representative of Muir’s brother are trying to kill Muir and claim her inheritance.

    Cortez is a handsome and personable hero. Muir, however, is a weak and colorless heroine. The cast includes several…

  • She



    By 1925 silent films were reaching an apex in storytelling, cinematography, and acting. None of that high quality is present in this film. Even if the movie was intact, the story still would be confused, slow moving and boring. After the first scene, close-ups are lacking, every scene is filmed in medium range or farther from the actors. Much of the acting is terrible, of the ridiculous waving arms, pop-eyed style that had been largely abandoned by 1910.

  • Gold Diggers in Paris

    Gold Diggers in Paris


    Rudy Vallee and Allen Jenkins have a popular nightclub in New York, but they are in debt and losing money. The confused representative of the Paris dance festival (Hugh Herbert) mistakes their club for a ballet society and signs their entire cast, including love interest Rosemary Lane, to appear at the festival. In Paris, Melville Cooper, the director of the festival, realizes the error and tries to prevent their appearance. Dodging the gendarmes, they manage to perform their jazzy song…

  • Dead Ringer

    Dead Ringer


    Margaret DeLorca and Edith Phillips (both Bette Davis), identical twins, meet for the first time in ten years at the funeral of Margaret’s husband, Frank. Twenty years earlier, Margaret had taken Frank away from Edith who remains bitter towards her sister. Margaret’s marriage made her wealthy, but Edith only owns a small restaurant. When Margaret visits Edith, Edith kills her and switches identities. Everyone, including Edith’s boyfriend, Detective Jim Hobbson (Karl Malden), accepts the Margaret identity and believes that Edith…