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  • Sand



    This late William S. Hart film is more romance than western. Hart does not even don his western outfit until near the end when most of the action occurs. Hart displays his emoting abilities not only with the heroine but also with his trusty Pinto pony.

  • Underworld



    Bull Weed (George Bancroft) is the big man in the underworld. He gives his girl, Feathers (Evelyn Brent), anything she wants, even if he has to steal the item first. Weed pays for the rehabilitation of a bum (Clive Brooks), who labels himself the Rolls Royce of drunks. The cleaned-up Rolls Royce looks and acts like a million, and Feathers falls for him. However, they owe Weed and try to ignore their feelings in order to maintain their relationship to…

  • Rancho Notorious

    Rancho Notorious


    A version of Destry Rides Again (1939), Marlene Dietrich, a former saloon hostess turned rancher, hides wanted outlaws at her ranch, for 10% of their take. Arthur Kennedy, hunting the man who murdered his sweetheart, tracks the villain (Lloyd Gough) to Marlene’s ranch. Marlene’s current lover is Mel Ferrer, but she soon likes Kennedy a lot too.

    Ridiculous fun in technicolor. Ferrer is uncomfortable as a westerner, Kennedy was an excellent actor and makes a good young cowboy. Dietrich is Dietrich. Supporting cast includes Francis MacDonald, Dan Seymour, Jack Elam, Frank Ferguson, and George Reeves, villains all.

  • Ladies of the Jury

    Ladies of the Jury


    French born, ex-chorus girl, Jill Esmond is on trial for murdering her husband. The jury includes a mix of personalities; the most noticeable juror is society woman Edna Mae Oliver who asks lots of questions in court and annoys the judge. Oliver also shows herself as sympathetic to the defendant.

    The deliberations in the jury room are contentious, but Oliver begins to convince her fellow jurors that Esmond is innocent. A visit to the scene of the crime leads to…

  • The Hustler

    The Hustler


    Fast Eddie in the gritty Land of Oz where all the citizens, except Sarah, are wicked witches or their servants. Lost Sarah kills herself rather than remain among the perverse.

    What have you learned Eddie? The “so-called” winners are empty and twisted. Losers can win, but not unconditionally.

    Paul Newman gives one of his best performances as Fast Eddie. George C. Scott was born to play perverse, twisted Bert. Jackie Gleason glows from head to foot as Minnesota Fats, the idol of the more lowly pool players.

  • A Man There Was

    A Man There Was


    A sailor whose wife and child died after he was imprisoned during the Napoleanic wars gets his chance at revenge when the same Englishman who had heartlessly sent him to prison is shipwrecked near his home. The sailor can let the Englishman and his family drown, but he looks at the man’s little girl, softens, and saves them.

    This simple story is filmed with great style and visual beauty among the rugged islands off the southern coast of Norway. The…

  • The Crimson Kimono

    The Crimson Kimono


    A burlesque performer is chased down in the street and murdered. Detectives, and close friends, Glenn Corbett and James Shigeti investigate. Before killing the dancer, the murderer also put a bullet into a picture of the woman in a crimson kimono. The dancer was planning a new routine featuring a Japanese theme. The picture was painted by an art student (Victoria Shaw) who sketches a man she saw at the dancer’s apartment. After an attempt is made on the life…

  • That Dangerous Age

    That Dangerous Age


    Barrister Roger Livesey is dedicated to his profession and neglects wife Myrna Loy and daughter Peggy Cummins. LIvesey becomes dangerously ill and Loy must care for him. Loy’s lover, Richard Greene, asks Loy to go off with him, but she refuses to leave her sick husband. Because Livesey suspects them, Loy asks Greene to give his attentions to Cummins. Greene and Cummins fall in love, but Livesey and Cummins learn about the relationship between Loy and Greene. A series of…

  • Shoot to Kill

    Shoot to Kill


    A police car chases a car through the night until the car goes off the road down a steep slope. Dead at the bottom of the slope are the newly elected District Attorney, Edmund MacDonald, and a gangster, Robert Kent. Susan Walters, the wife of the District Attorney, is severely injured. In the hospital, Susan Walters tells her story to reporter Russell Wade. Walter’s complex story involves corruption, perjury, and murder.

    The low budget film has a convoluted plot line. To include all the plot within the short run time, the story shortcuts events and jumps around.

  • Get Your Man

    Get Your Man


    This Clara Bow vehicle, costarring handsome, likable Buddy Rogers, is a lot of fun. Clara Bow radiates charm, personality, and sex appeal as she uses her wits and her wiles to get her man.

    Dorothy Arzner had recently begun directing when Paramount assigned her to this film. With two attractive stars and a good scenario, Arzner had no problem turning out an amusing and lively sex comedy.

    The film has been recently restored. About twenty minutes are missing; continuity was maintained by filling with still photos and subtitles.

  • The Painted Desert

    The Painted Desert


    William Boyd, the adopted son of William Farnum, tries to reconcile estranged partners Farnum and J. Farrell MacDonald. His efforts are thwarted by attacks on MacDonald that lead to further enmity between the two older men.

    The dialogue and acting are rather stiff in this early Western, but the desert scenery is beautifully photographed.

    This film was Clark Gable’s first in a year in which he appeared in twelve. Starting the year (March) in a supporting role as a villain,…

  • The Bride Wore Red

    The Bride Wore Red


    Poor, beautiful Anni Pavlovitch (Joan Crawford) is given a two week stay at a exclusive Tyrollean Inn. She meets and fascinates a rich young man, Rudi Pal (Robert Young). Rudi is engaged to sweet, pretty Maddelena Monti (Lynne Carver). Anni longs to have the wealth that Rudi can offer and contemplates taking him away from Maddelena. Postman Giulio (Franchot Tone) is also fascinated by Anni, and he wants to marry her. She loves Giulio too, but how can she give…