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  • Sunset Boulevard

    Sunset Boulevard


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    SUNSET BOULEVARD, sometimes written as SUNSET BLVD., is a relentless emotional experience from 1950 that isn’t confined to a single genre. It’s a drama, sure, but also a thriller, a tragedy along the lines of Macbeth, even veering into horror more than once, and what it isn’t is tedious or a slog to get through one single moment of its nearly-2 hour runtime. The director Billy Wilder was mostly known at the time for his screwball comedies, but he wasn’t…

  • 300



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Full disclosure: I love the hell out of this movie, I have less than a dozen what I’d call ‘absolute favourite films of all-time, period’ and this is absolutely on that list in big letters. I’m well aware that that will raise some eyebrows, or, if you’re my father, both eyebrows and a look in the eyes that silently wonders if I was adopted without him knowing, and I definitely understand why. 300 is an utterly ridiculous, overly CGI-ed, heavily…

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  • Space Jam

    Space Jam


    Picture this: you're a 6 year old girl growing up in Britain with only a passing acquaintance with the iconic Looney Tunes cartoons as your childhood experience thus far has been roughly 10% Blue Peter/Rupert/Tin Tin/Babar/other educational shows and the other 90% horrifying puppets on the Beeb that someone who'd never interacted with a child before in their lives decided was quality children's programming. Your American mother is dismayed by this and decides to take you to the movies (which…

  • Greta



    What a disappointment.

    I was genuinely excited for this release pretty much as soon as I saw the trailer early this year. I mean, what's not to love? It's got Chloë Grace Moretz (whose performance in her small role in SUSPIRIA was once again proof that she's grown quite a bit from being Hit Girl), the ever-radiant Isabella Huppert, up-and-comer Maika Monroe and even Colm Feore, it's a return to the stalker suspense thriller genre that's been out of style…