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  • Care to Laugh

    Care to Laugh


    The HIFF2018 closing night film was the world premiere of AARP Studios' first documentary feature, Care to Laugh. The doc is a very heartwarming, uplifting look at stand-up comedian Jesus Trejo's grind in the LA stand-up comedy scene while juggling his responsibilities taking care of his septuagenarian parents.

    It's a wonderful, inspiring, and very funny documentary. The filmmakers followed Trejo for one year and in that time they captured some highs and lows of Trejo's career and responsibilities as a caregiver to his parents. However, they also captured his drive, resilience, and a candor that is really inspiring.

  • Into the Dark: The Body

    Into the Dark: The Body


    The Body is the first entry in Blumhouse Television's Hulu original horror anthology, Into the Dark. The series will release one movie each month for twelve months with each movie being set during or themed after a specific holiday. The Body is the Halloween movie, next month's Flesh & Blood (per IMDb) will be a Thanksgiving movie, and per the teaser we're going to get Christmas, New Year's, April Fool's Day, and more.

    The Body follows a hitman who has four…

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  • Palace



    The movie follows an interesting cross-section of people with different types of fractured relationships with their respective families. Palace is reminiscent of a Richard Linklater type of fly on the wall film where the characters' inner problems propel the story against a lived in setting. It goes to some interesting places and leaves a good impression of memorable characters in different moments in their lives.

  • A Thousand Miles Behind

    A Thousand Miles Behind


    Moving depiction of grief that uses the visual medium of film to its fullest in telling its story. There are long stretches where we live with the character in silence as his internalized pain breaks out. It's raw and draws the viewer into his story very effectively. The movie also explores how allowing other people in when you're at your most vulnerable can help heal you. It's really moving and poignant.

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  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    Eighth Grade packs just as much of an emotional punch on its second viewing. It's rare that a movie can capture a character's emotions and lay them out so bare for the audience and so successfully elicit empathy for her. Absolutely remarkable job by Bo Burnham, Elsie Fisher, Josh Hamilton, and really everyone else involved. Incredible movie.

  • The Bikes of Wrath

    The Bikes of Wrath


    Really beautiful and uplifting documentary showing that kindness not only exists in the world, but it's contagious.