Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar: The Way of Water ★★

James Cameron has never been a good storyteller and it was unlikely that the 13 years he spent making Avatar: The Way of Water was going to change that.

But when your eyes aren't assaulted by scenes switching to high frame rate in parts, The Way of Water is a good demonstration of why Cameron wants to make Pandora his sandbox and keep making movies in it forever.

The narrative is a big improvement over the first movie, but that's a spectacularly low bar to clear. I appreciate that the emphasis wasn't on lame corporate greed or whatever hackneyed motivations were in the first movie. But the trade-off is a bloated story that skims over a lot of important plot details only to get to an unsatisfying ending with a bunch of dangling threads.

Full Review: https://obsessiveviewer.com/2022/12/13/avatar-the-way-of-water-2022/

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