Beautiful Boy ★★★★

First of all, I love Amazon Studios for making this available on Prime as quickly as they did.

Chalamet and Carell are fantastic in Beautiful Boy. Particularly Chalamet, who gives his portrayal of Nic Sheff the nuance and pathos that falls right in line with what the movie wants to achieve in its depiction of drug addiction.

Beautiful Boy is a true story based on a memoir of the same name written by David Sheff (Carell in the movie). Yet, thankfully, it doesn't receive the overdramatized Hollywood treatment. I haven't read the book (I haven't read Tweak by Nic Sheff, either), but the movie feels authentic in its telling of David and Nic's story.

The movie does an outstanding job showing the toll that Nic's addiction takes on David's life and the struggles that David endures to try to help his son. I'm impressed at how it does so without feeling like it's embellishing things or sensationalizing the story for film. This movie feels very real.

I love the music choices, as well. There are some great needle drops throughout the movie. But it's the score that is particularly moving to me. There's a sequence where David is searching for Nic and speaking to someone about the realities of addiction and rehabilitation. The score in this stretch of the film is unique within the scope of the rest of the movie and carries with it such a sense of foreboding and pain that it really moved me in a way I wasn't anticipating.